Parmigiana Melanzanne

I believe the reason we do not consider cooking anymore, is because it simply takes up too much of our time. Maybe it’s not just me, but my entire generation that has this passion for pasta, that my mother clearly does not understand. Whenever she asks me about what I’m eating, she starts laughing, as I seem to be answering “pasta” over and over again. I believe she developed this kind of frustration with the word “pasta”, from hearing me repeat it so many times since I moved out. But if you start thinking about it, it makes sense. Pasta suits our lack of time, since it is versatile, easy and fast. Making pasta is not cooking, of course, but whoever cooks anything, anymore these days except our grandparents. I somehow believe that young people have started developing this new trend called ” light cooking”. “Light cooking” is simple, fast, easy, on the stomach and dear to the eye. “Light cooking” is innovative, relaxing and highly “instagramable”. So let’s get to it then. The recipe for today…well, I like to call it…”Parmigiana Melanzane”. I am going to use eggplants for my recipe, but you can also use zuchinni, whichever best suits your taste preferences.

1.Tomato sauce and a little bit of chilli

Although it may be easier to buy it in a can, I find tomato sauce to be more delicious when I cook it myself. All you have to do is peel the tomatoes, cut them into little pieces, drop them into a wok of some kind and sprinkle a little bit of olive oil, basil and oregano, on top. After everything is brought to a boil, and the tomatoes become mushy, I add one or two tablespoons of sugar, and a little bit of chilli to spice everything up.


Toamato sauce

2. Eggplants

Well, there isn’t much to say about eggplants, but I rediscovered their taste while we where in Greece for the summer and I said, “what the hell”. The thing that I did with the eggplants, was cut them into relatively uniform pieces. After that, I slightly grilled them on the stove, with a little bit of butter and olive oil.



3. Mozzarella

I don’t know about you, but we always seem to buy mozzarella when we go food shopping. We find it fresh and ideal for any kind of salad, and perfectly suitable for light cooking. Cut the mozzarella into relatively even round pieces.


4. Some artistic layering

This is where my artistic side usually comes in. I take the grilled eggplant, the tomato sauce and the mozzarella, and I start layering. One layer of grilled eggplants, one layer of freshly cooked tomato sauce, and one layer of mozzarella. I do that over and over gain until I run out of ingredients.




5. And…Voila!

Drizzle a little “parmigiana” on top…and voila!

Parmigiana Melanzane

Affordable, time-efficient, tasty and light. Great for you and your significant other, after a hard day’s work.


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