There was a time I wanted so many things in so little time. I was afraid that if I didn’t put the effort into making something of myself, time would pass me by. Sadly, the only talent I ever had, was that of writing down everything I couldn’t make for in speech. I soon came to realize that literature was not going to take me far. Nothing more obsolete in all that’s live-streamed and digitalized. I would be lying to you if I told you that I am a person of shatterproof character. A description of myself would be better portraied by this dream I had once: I dreamt of being a gosse. I was trying to lift myself off the ground…but something kept dragging me down. I soon realized that I was chained to this heavy chest. A wooden chest of great weight kept me from soaring. And yes…I was no swan, no flamingo in the wild….I was a goose…a white goose of no fascinating beauty. Anyhow, it wasn’t until the goose dream that I came to peace with the real facts of life:

1.      Beauty is something else…it takes lots of work and amazing taste.
2.      Things do not happen when we want them to…the best things in life take time…so much time that the actual wait is excrutiating.
3.      Measuring our time on this earth does nothing but distract us from the heroes we can become.
4.      Being passionate about something gets you nowhere without a hell of a lot of work and a great many failures that tear you up.
5.      Complacency is an indicator of time wasted.
6.      Taste is as simple as differentiating between salt and pepper. Common sense takes taste and style.
7.      Youth is all we can boast with when we are young. The only show you have to put on when you are young is that of disco dancing and falling in love. And you should do that. It gives the age appropriate sensation of “having the whole world at your feet”.
8.      Youth has an expiration date. What comes next is a never ending search for the most adequate approach to self management.
9.      The mind needs as much exercise as the body.
10.     Exercising both your mind and body is damn hard when you have a family and a 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. job.

I do realize that a ten bullet list does not encompass the meaning of all our lives. My better half still calls me childish when I dramatize everything as such. But I have witnessed my own self and a number of my friends struggling with finding a life that besuits them. My best friend has this charming handmade clothing store. Four years ago she opened up with a handful of clothes. Now she has no place to put all the clothes that come into the store. The store is so colorful with embroideries and unique laced dresses that it is a joy to step into even when you’ve had the worse of days. And, once, when we were together, patching up some spare corners with handmade accessories, this lady comes in. Seemingly having recognized my best friend from some distant part of memory, the lady starts debating on the “utility” of such colourful clothing: ” Where would one wear all these colours in our puny little city?”, she asked. “Well, I don’t know”, says my best friend, “but I am that kind of person that wears colours all the time!”. Unlike my best friend, I am of the breed that wears two colours at the most in one outfit. But…I think…maybe it is time to shift to….colourful. It’s about time I let Casiopeea, the goose, fly.


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