Cream Cubed Zucchini

This is a simple recipe, maybe the simplest ever. It is easy on the stomach and it involves practically no cooking at all. My mother cooked it for me my entire life, but I never seemed to value it, until I felt the need for a fast, efficient and “easy on the stomach” recipe. All you have to do is go into the local market and buy some fresh zucchini. I recommend a dosage of about 3 medium ones per couple. Put a regular pot on the stove, drizzle some olive oil, chop a red pepper or two and toss them into the pan. Half an onion usually gives it a little more taste, depends on how much an onion fan you are. While everything is stirred fried into the pan, you have the right amount of time to peel the zucchini and chop them into little scrumptious pieces.




After this is done, take the chopped zucchini and drop them into the pot. One in a while, stir. Now, I added a little bit of water to help the zucchini boil, although my mother says she doesn’t add any water at all. The creamy sauce is what makes this recipe work. You take half of a tablespoon of flour, and heat it into a pan alongside some butter. As it starts to harden, add a little bit of milk, one spoon at a time. After the milk does it’s trick, and the flour has liquefied, pour the mix into the zucchini pot. Remember to sir at all times. When everything seems ready, turn off the stove, add the sour cream and you’re pretty much done. An awesome idea is to scrape some potatoes, work some decent potato shapes with your fingers, and fry them into a pan. This makes for a wonderful side-dish to the cream cubed zucchini.

cream cubed zuchinni


A glass of wine and some Friday night music…and you can easily slip into the weekend mood you so eagerly longed for this morning. Enjoy!


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