Home Made Chinese

Now..this must be the easiest recipe ever…especially because all you need to make it easy is a wok. In my opinion, everyone should have a wok into their kitchen. Some may not find particular use in a kitchen tool that can strenuously be replaced by a traditional frying pan…but, believe me…they are not the same. Wok’s are inexpensive, easy to clean, not to say…they can unbelievably change your cooking ways…and by that, I mean…forever improve them. Even if there are multiple manners in which a wok can be used, you must grant it the purpose it was intended for….and by that, I mean…Chinese food. My home made Chinese, involves: boiled carrots, zuchinni, abundantly coloured peppers, small slices of chicken breast, soy sauce and a little bit of sugar. What I do is finely slice the vegetables and place them into the scolding hot wok, together with the chicken. After the vegetables have borrowed each others’ flavours, and the chicken has turned golden, I add the soy sauce…and… – wait for it – I drizzles a couple of spoons of sugar onto the mixture.


All that’s left is the rice…and that is easy…one part rice, three parts water…and boil away till the rice is done. If you are aiming for a couture presentation…use an avocado shell to put the rice in…and voilà!

IMG_1738Home made Chinese! Yum! Enjoy it with your better half, your loved ones, your friends and your elders…be the chef of the day and take pride in the little time you’ve spent making this wonder happen! Cheers and hooray!


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