Salmon Fish Cakes

When it comes to food, fish and seafood are my favourite by far. Everything about fish and seafood is healthy and undeniably easy to cook. This recipe involves one of my favourite species of fish, and that is…salmon. These salmon fish cakes are a consistent blend of undemanding flavours, that tastefully linger into anyone’s memory of the effortless joy that food can be. So…let’s get to it then. The great miracle about these salmon fish cakes, is that you can add just about anything to the mix. What I commonly use to prepare them, is: boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and some steamed broccoli for my explicit delight. The best way to go about the salmon is…steam it. What I usually do, is, put this flat colander that I have, onto the pot where I boil the peeled carrots in.  I place the salmon over the colander. I, then cover the salmon with a glass bowl of any kind. To steam the salmon, you can also use any kind of kitchen ware that has holes to let the steam in, and place it over a pot of boiling water.  After the salmon is done, I mix everything together by squashing the vegetables and adding the fresh salmon chunks to the mash.

Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon Fishcakes

Some believe that adding one egg brings the mixture together, but I have done this recipe both with and without the egg…and I think that the lack of egg gives it better consistency….so that the composition sticks better together when fried. Anyway, after the whole salmon-potatoes-carrots-broccoli- egg – or no egg – mixture is ready, you can proceed with shaping it into little cakes. Some flour comes in handy when doing this, especially if you have used the egg into the mixture.

Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon Fishcakes

Place a pan onto the stove, heat up some oil, and start frying the fish cakes. This is the moment where you start to feel the relief of this recipe coming to an end….as your taste buds are impatiently juggling the smell and the sight of yet just another light-cooking success.

Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon fish cakes…an absolute delight that I utterly recommend to anybody who enjoys food as much as I do! Have them with a baby spinach salad and ripe tomatoes…and you might just be one step away from falling in love!


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