I must have taken a vow at some point in this life…to experience something beautiful and then, live in that moment as long as I can. And I have searched for beauty in all that’s earthbound, but for me…it will always be the sea. That singular moment that rarely allows me to loose myself gazing at the bluest of bays hugging the sandy shores of a life well lived. And what better place to find that moment, than far…far…away…on an island in the Ionian Sea. Kefalonia is no less of an island than any in Greece, but it is a unique island in its wild scenery and intimidating landscapes. Located at the south of Lefkada, it is accessible by ferry from the island of Lefkada – Vasiliki bay- or the main continent from the port of Patras. The ferry from Vasiliki Bay, Lefkada, will take you to Fiskardo, a charming little port located  in the northern part of the island.IMG_1808


File_006 (1)We went on a limb and took our chance with the ferry from Lefkada. However, I would advise paying close attention to the weather forecast before you decide to take the ferry from Vasiliki. As it turned out for us, you can get stranded on Lefkada, if the weather is even remotely windy. It wasn’t that much of a problem for us, as we got to stay at the hotel in Lefkada that we had booked for our previous vacation here…but it kind of messed up our schedule, as well as, our booking in Kefalonia. On the other hand, this grants me the opportunity to boast on our accommodation with the Leivatho Hotel in Kefalonia, which I will certainly do, because this hotel was a game changer for us. Not only was the personnel of the hotel extremely understanding with our situation and moved up our booking period, but they also offered us an upgrade to our room. We got this incredibly spacious apartment with a balcony and sea view, that totally changed our holidays for the better. While we were waiting for the keys to our room, as we had arrived early, we were offered a drink and some nibbles on the amazing terrace of the hotel restaurant. Not to mention, that the hotel has an award winning design that will leave you breathless, and will serve eco-friendly breakfast that is innovative in both ingredients and display. The Leivatho Hotel, I recommend because it provides exceptional services, as well as, an affordable opportunity to one of the most luxurious experiences one could ever have in Kefalonia. Situated 100 meters from the secluded, sandy beach of Avithos, hotel Leivatho has been one of our best accommodation experiences in Greece. Now that I lived it, I wouldn’t want to imagine ourselves not staying here, if ever we were to go back to Kefalonia. The Leivatho Hotel is located in Svoronata, at the southern part of Kefalonia, so you will have to travel about 60 more kilometers to get from Fiskardo to the hotel. But this will also provide you with the unique opportunity to get acquainted with this marvellous island.IMG_1810

IMG_1809We have been around and about the island of Kefalonia, but the Avithos Beach, just a few steps from Leivatho, is a tranquil, sandy beach that provides just about anyone with the tranquillity they need to recharge their batteries. It is a beautiful strip of land that allows you to shield yourself from the crowds. You can follow the coastline for about two kilometres, pass the rocks and enjoy any particular spot you like to just lie comfortably and bathe in the sun.File_000 (11)

File_000 (2)We had a week to explore, and we tried to take every bit of this beautiful island in, one step at a time. Myrthos Beach was the first beach that we saw upon our arrival, and it absolutely blew our minds. The unbelievable blue of it all…the bay, the sea,the skies. Our day at Myrthos beach was rather cloudy, but due to the wind, we had an awesome chance to sea the bay at its best…restless and wavy. So much fuuunn!File_000 (5)

File_001Petani beach is very similar to Myrthos in its might and beauty, although a little bit wilder and rough. If you get to visit the Petani Bay, go beyond the rocks to the right as you arrive, and you will most certainly taste ultimate paradise.IMG_20140929_144213

File_000 (8)

IMG_1813We have this one day per trip, when we decide to go about things the hard way, and roam around. So, this time, in Kefalonia, we went north and back down to the beach of Xi, which we read to be renown for its reddish brown sand. And while we were on our road to get to the beach of Xi, we got to truly experience Kefalonia. There are so many colours with this island that it pains me not to have enough words, to describe them all. On our way around the island, we briefly stopped to see various beaches that we gradually came across. And there are so many I cannot count. Each of them is uniquely wild and enticing, luring you to admire its fabulous beauty. As with the beach of Xi, it was astounding for me to see the virgin descent of majestic stone walls stoutly standing guardians to all that’s venerable about the multicoloured Kefalonian sea.File_000 (6)

File_000 (3)

File_000 (4)

File_000 (14)

File_002 (1)With the beach of Pessada, on the other hand, it is not about wildness and monumentality. This beach is all about the bits of scenery that make it resplendent, extravagant and lush. It is rather tricky to find this little beach, as it is a wondrous gem well hidden. And when you finally arrive here, it is so small that barely 5 couples make it crowded. But if you get the chance to have it all to yourself…well…that’s just luck’s way of saying: “Enjoy this moment, it’s all yours!”File_000 (1)

File_000 (9)

File_000 (12)The food in Kefalonia, is pretty much as sea wise, as food can get. Do try and stay about the beach bars for fresh fish and seafood of all sorts. On the beach of Avithos where we stayed, there were two local bars that served local dishes and fresh seafood of all sorts. We had to walk just two minutes from our hotel and there it was: the beach, the food, the music, the salty air.File_005 (1)This is where I end our journey in Kefalonia…and I will, of course, urge you to…see Kefalonia! Take longer than we did! Be intimidated by its wild beauty and live to tell everyone about it!


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