Tuna Penne Rigate

So…we’re back to work again, and I was thinking about a recipe to go with my feelings on that.  This super easy tuna – pasta mix is perfect for cropping up something delicious in almost no time at all. The ingredients you need are pretty effortless to get a hold on: penne rigate, one onion, one can of tuna and some fresh sour cream you either buy at the farm market, or any kind of convenience store close by.

Tunna PastaSo what I do is: first chop the onion and add it to a frying pan. I then stir in the onion with the tuna from the can. If you buy the kind of tuna that sits in olive oil, you don’t need to add any extra oil to the frying pan. The oil from the can will do, and you might even not need to use all that. After I have mixed the onion in with the tuna, I add the sour cream to the frying pan. By this time, my penne rigate are already done. Add the penne to the onion-tuna-sour cream mix, leave it to cook for just two more minutes, until everything is well heated up and…ta-daaa…you’re done.

Tunna Pasta

Tunna Pasta


Tuna penne rigate to have and enjoy in no more than 15 minutes light cooking time! Have them with a half glass of white wine, and you might just not ever want to give all this for any restaurant in town!



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