Petite Puff Pockets

So…with all of this Tasty Food mania taking place on Facebook, I decided to try a couple of their recipes. In lack of a better Sunday morning breakfast idea and…having that I had bought a lot of puff pastry to crop up this pizza with a twist someone had shared in a Tasty Food video…I said…what the heck…and I also made these little puff pastry sockets that I believed were rather interesting. So what you do is…take a couple of sausages, and carefully clothe them in puff pastry.

File_005 (2)

After having dressed the sausages up, the thing you do is cut them into little pieces. This makes the little puff pastry sausage bites more manageable when eating, and…well…more friendly looking.

File_006 (2)

Having done all that, the little puff pastry sausage bites still seem a little…barren. So what you do next…is graze them with lots of cheese and some parsley at the most. You can use any kind of cheese, or more…for that matter…anything that melts is considered suitable.

File_007 (1)

When they get this good-looking, the one thing you still have to do is…throw them in the oven and…this is what you get.

File_004 (3)

Tasty indeed…but as I do not necessarily consider this to be healthy cooking…these petite sausage pockets will just about have to wait a long time until I decide to make them a weekly habit 🙂


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