Chalkidiki, otherwise known as Halkidiki, is a peninsula in Northern Greece, which has three strips of land reaching out into the Aegean Sea: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. I will probably get to tell you more about Kassandra and Athos, if and ever I get to see them in my lifetime, but, for now…I only hope to enchant you with my walk on the memory lane of Sithonia. Our trip to this wonderful destination, started a little bit rough. As there seemed to be little but few hotels in Sithonia that fit the profile of our summer lodging desires, it took us a rather long time until we found something suitable to accommodate our stay here. So, I really intend this post to lend a helping hand to all of you, who have chosen Sithonia for your holiday destination, and are still looking for the alluring charm of the perfect stay. Villa Rena….is this petite family owned guesthouse, perfectly positioned to grant you access to the most beautiful beaches in Vourvourou. And for what it lacks in size, this charming guesthouse will compensate in customary design, unique seclusion and traditional style. We booked an Apartment with Villa Rena in Vourvourou, Sithonia, and I can honestly say that it was a roomier, cosier apartment than we were ever expecting to find. It had this shabby chic look to it, that I found wonderfully appealing, it happened to beΒ on the top floor – which I especially liked – and it also had this enchanting balcony that enabled us to fully enjoy the light, soothing air of Greek evenings.

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Breakfasts were served on the patio, outside…which I found delightful. As much as I like unique accommodations, I do think that Greek holidays are meant to be spent outside, bathing in salty Greek air, enjoying every bit of the sun. Breakfasts are home-made, but unlike Tsagarada, this will be a place where…you will probably have to ask for more. There will not be second or third courses to your eggs, so…if you are a morning muncher, and you like your cheese and ham, your pastries, your fruits and your yoghurt, do mind the fact that Villa Rena is not a hotel, and the breakfast is as far from continental as breakfast gets.


And now…for my favourite part: the unforgettable memory and sight of Chalkidiki beaches and bays. I will not dwell on it before I share with you this: the most beautiful beaches in Chalkidiki are not the ones they write about on the internet. The most endearing and tranquil bays of Chalkidiki don’t have names. The thing you do, when you’re in Chalkidiki, you take out Google Maps, you zoom in on the bluest bay closest to you, and you go there. There are roads that take you on top of the mountain and than down again straight to the beach. If there is a bay, there will surely be a Greek road built to take you to that bay. So…don’t over-think it. Not for one minute….not for one second…get in your car, your rented scooter, and find a beach you can be alone on. Find a strip of sand that has your name on it. This is the only possible way to find unrivalled peace and tranquillity….the only way to experience ultimate…silence. If you get to stay at the Villa Rena…on the map…there is an arm-like strip of land…right in front. If you zoom in…there are several blue bays along the coast…Go to them all…Choose the one that sticks. Furthermore, I pretty much guarantee it: you will have no companion on any of those beaches. It will be just you, the sea, the sand, the silence…at most, family owned Greek boats coming in for a dive or two.

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However, there is one beach that everyone knows about and I will urge you to see. It is called: Orange Beach. I do not know where the name comes from, because there is nothing but blue to describe this bay…just about the bluest blue I have ever seen. As we had nothing but sunny weather on our Chalkidiki holiday, we took on an entire day to go about and explore the beaches on the eastern coast of Sithonia, way down to the south. And sure, there is Ormos Panagias, Lagonisi, Vourvourou and Karidi, but Orange Beach…well…Orange Beach is something else. There is no sand here… and you will have the distinctive pleasure of laying down on these big white rocks, pleasantly overheated by the sun. It is one of the more crowded beaches in Halkidiki due to its over-bearing beauty…but this time…we didn’t care. This was the bay we had to spend the rest of the day gazing at. And we enjoyed every minute of it….every last minute until sunset…every wonderful blue minute of it. Totally worth it!

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The food in Chalkidiki? Well…just as maritime as anywhere else on the Greek coastline. We took this one evening to explore the harbours, and we also had our evening dinner on the seashore. There is this shabby chic trend in Chalkidiki, that we also depicted with the restaurants in the harbour. As we got to eventually pick a place and sit down, we enjoyed one of the more romantic evenings we had throughout our ridiculously long time together since we met.

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File_000 (18)

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And as my Chalkidiki tale si coming to an end…I think I will shut up for a little bit and let these last pictures speak for themselves. But surely not before I urge you to…see Chalkidiki… roam its wonder some bays and re-discover your potential to experience, live and breath in…ultimate silence!

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File_006 (5)

File_003 (5)


Photos have been taken with the courtesy of Chalkidiki scenery πŸ™‚




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