Veggie Maccheroni

I kinda have this pre-conception about pasta. In my mind, there is a recipe that goes with every type of pasta. You can’t have pasta carbonara without the spaghetti, and you certainly cannot have it with tortellini or rigatoni. The reason I’m telling you this is that I bought this box of Maccheroni and I just didn’t have a recipe for them. So, my inspiration  came from the side picture of the Barilla cart board box and I would dare say…the end result came out great. So let’s get to it then.

Veggie Macherroni

Aside from the Maccheroni, you buy some mushrooms – the kind that you like best – a zuccinni and some parsley…or whatever green leaves suit your taste. It doesn’t get any cheaper and healthier than this.

Veggie MacherroniYou cut the mushrooms and the zucchini into little pieces, that you afterwards cook in a pan…or a wok…or whatever utensil you may find useful. Cook the mushrooms and the zucchini in olive oil, with a little bit of butter on the side. Keep the vegetables a little bit crunchy, do not overdo them.

Veggie Macherroni

Veggie Macherroni

While the vegetables are cooking, and the pasta is boiling, you might also want to prepare a creamy white sauce to go with this recipe. So, just add some cheese – it can be gouda, emmentaler or whatever you think might go with this recipe – to a bowl of light cooking cream. All that’s left, now, is the layering. Take an oven resistant cookware and simply add one layer of pasta, one layer of vegetables, and one layer of creamy white sauce.

Veggie Macherroni

Veggie MacherroniAfter everything is all layered and set, add an extra layer of mozzarella at the very top, place the dish into the oven at 180 degrees and let it cook for half an hour or so.

Veggie Maccheroni

The end result….hmmm…unbelievably light and tasty! Try it and let it delight your taste buds on a relaxing evening for two, or a weekly gathering with your best friends.


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