A Weekly Dinner Buffet

So, I’ve been thinking about how much easier it would be for all of us women and men alike, if we had a weekly dinner menu that would save us the time to think about what to eat the whole week through. And I’ve put together this weekly dinner buffet, that I thought would save us the time to wonder off purposely into the supermarket without a weekly cooking plan. Therefore, I have prepared a different course, Monday through Sunday, that I consider extremely practical to make use of and act upon.

Monday – Tunna Penne Rigate

Mondays are the perfect day to energize yourself for the week ahead. As such, these tunna penne rigate would make the obvious choice for a romantic candle light dinner that does nothing but entice your taste buds.

File_000 (16)

Tuesday – Delightful Shrimp Avocados

Tuesday just has to take the pain of a tiring Monday away. So keep it simple, and prepare yourself a tasty ten minute dinner to make you forget about all the days of the week that still lie ahead.

File_000 (3)

Wednesday – Home Made Chinese

Wednesdays mean you’re already half way through work, until the weekend. This home made chinese is an exquisite way to celebrate you having made it through the first part of the week.


Thursday – Cream Cubed Zucchini

Thursday might just be the day, you start wondering about an escape plan from your own life. Cooking has to be light and creamy. That’s why these cream cubed zucchini have to make it on your dinner menu.

cream cubed zuchinni

Friday – Zucchini Blossoms

Now, Friday, is something special. This is the day you start fancying an adventure. These marvellous zucchini blossoms might just set the mood for a romantic escape into what the weekend has to offer.

File_002 (2)

Saturday – Salmon Fish Cakes

Saturday just has to be one of the most beautiful days of the week. This is the day when you put the music on loud, and dance onto the beat of a life gone wild. And, as if that, isn’t enough of an energizer for the upcoming night, these salmon fish cakes will certainly finish the job up.


Sunday – Tasty Mushroom Cups

Sunday might just be the day you decide to go to Church. However, let’s face it. You’re beat. So why not chill about and treat yourself with some kitchen fun. These tasty mushroom cups…they will certainly get you out of that bed-bound Sunday mood, you worked hard on, all Friday and Saturday night.

File_000 (4)

So, I’m off. New week ahead and some shrimps in the fridge, that I just have to grill.  I promise to tell you all about it, but for now, this weekly buffet I have to end. Hope you had fun, and if you did, I sure hope to hear all about your own cooking mischiefs! 🙂



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