Tagliatelle Zucchini e Gamberetti

So, I think it’s time. Yes. The time is just about right for me to share one of my most favourite recipes, all time ever. And the thing that makes this recipe so special, is the memories that come with it. We used to crop this up, when my parents were away on vacation: that’s how young we were back then. And having that we did not live together, we always found joy in catching a few moments just for ourselves. And the thing that we did: we cooked. Not the usual stuff that our mothers made for us. No….it had to be something special, a little bit of high end taste, just for the two of us. Something that we had eaten in a restaurant once and we could no longer afford. Now, we weren’t that savvy in the kitchen, but we always did this recipe together. And this is why this recipe means the world to me: it’s the memories of us coming together in one single plate. And that for me is priceless. The few ingredients you need are:

Tagliattelle – a traditional type of pasta, originated in Italy, and perfect for cooking with any kind of seafood.


Zucchini – a summer vegetable which makes the perfect accompaniment for this dish.

Tagliatelle Zuchinni e Gamberetti

Shrimp (of course) and some spices (salt, pepper, oregano, basil at your choice)

Tagliatelle Zuchinni e Gamberetti

A pack of sweet cream, an egg yolk, and a little bit of love. After you’ve stir fried the zuchinni in a wok until tender, add the boiled shrimps and the tagliatelle to the mix. Keep them on the stove until hot.

Tagliatelle Zuchinni e Gamberetti

In the mean time, pour the sweet cream in a bowl, and mix it up with the egg yolk. When the pasta mixture is hot enough, just add the sauce, and coat everything up together in a unique blend of pastel colours and basil taste.

Tagliatelle Zuchinni e Gamberetti

So this is my “Tagliatelle Zuchinii and Gamberetti”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, for just about my entire adult life or so.


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