Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta

I’ve been eyeing this recipe on Pinterest for a while now, and today I finally decided to give it a shot. And as I am not necessarily the type who goes about a recipe exactly as it is, I improvized a little. I have never cooked sun dried tomatoes before, and so I had to somehow satisfy my curiosity about the whole thing. “How do sun dried tomatoes, chicken and pasta go together?”, you might ask. Well, they go together just perfectly. The thing is, you have to go the extra mile and overcome what may, at first, seem a little bit challenging. The ingredients you need are:

A lovely jar of Italian sun dried tomatoes (look for them in your local supermarket)

Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta

A handful of these fascinatingly vivid penne pasta (a special request from my better half)

Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta

A bowl of light cream mixed together with some parsley, and a few strips of chicken breast

Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta

The first step is to fry the chicken in a pan. And the thing I like to do with chicken before I cook it, is season it in mustard (dijon). In my opinion, this gives it an extra pinch of flavour, for we all know that chicken breast can be a little dry in both texture and taste. After the chicken is done, use the same pan to fry the sun dried tomatoes for just a couple of minutes. No need for extra oil, if you’re using  sun dried tomatoes from a jar. In the meantime, you can also boil the pasta, so that everything gets ready at the same time. Next comes my favourite part: layering. In an oven resistant bowl, first add a layer of pasta, than a layer of chicken and sun dried tomatoes, and last, but not least, the light cream sauce that you have previously readied. Before it goes into the oven, everything looks something like this:

Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta

Add my favourite ingredient on top…mozzarella…yumm. Set the oven on 180 degrees Celsius, shove the bowl in, and let everything cook for no more than 30 minutes. The result…one of the most interesting and delicious meals you’ve had in a long time. You just have to try  this out for yourself! Super easy, super fast, easy to clean up after.

Sun Dried Tomato Spring Pasta





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