A little bit of tulle

With the month of May closing in on us, there’s this hope of summer undoing everything we’ve ever done wrong. And there are vices which we can get rid off, and sins that we can forever lock up, and there may never be a ruling that sits in our favour. For the free spirited, I say, there’s no greater punishment than someone telling them that they have to be on their best behaviour. So here’s to rebellion. A small collection of whites, a little bit of tulle and chocolate fudge. All that’s authentic in you, let it fly. Let it go wild. Make your mistakes, so that you never have to say: “I don’t know. I’ve never been in this situation before.” Go ahead and try yourself out. Let it be, let it not. Get angry. Get mad. Be womanly enough to be on your best dress code, even when you’re one step away from loosing it all.

File_000 (4)






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