Asparagus Cupcakes

Spring is the season that inspires. It has this unique ability to revive all that has hibernated during winter: senses, mind, spirit. Nutrition wise, spring is the season for asparagus. And for us, this usually means, enjoyable asparagus meals three times a day: buttered asparagus with poached eggs in the morning, asparagus side-dish at lunch and asparagus nibbles in the evening. As much as they are brief, asparagus cooking days are a wonderful opportunity to put your imagination at work. The delightful recipe hereby is the result of us having so much asparagus at one point, that we had to come up with an idea to make use of a whole bunch.

File_000 (16)

So, these little asparagus cupcakes, we found are one of the most delicious ways to both make use of and enjoy the unique versatility of this vegetable. Puff pastry…well…we have all gotten used to the fact that it is undemanding and reassuring. With this recipe as with many others I have found puff pastry to be a real blessing. And what I do is take it out of its foil, spread it onto the kitchen counter, while I use a wide necked glass to cut round shapes into it. These puff pastry cuts will provide great puff pockets for the filling. For the filling  you will need to use the asparagus (previously steamed or boiled), 2 eggs and a whole lot of cheese. My favourite thing about these asparagus cupcakes is that the cheesier they get, the better they taste. So go crazy with that: any type of cheese you may have in the fridge – gouda, emmental, cheddar, parmigiano –  mix it together with the cheese, the asparagus and the eggs.

File_002 (6)

The next thing to do is use a muffin tray for backing it all up. Pour the filling into the puff pockets which you have previously slipped into the muffin tray.

File_000 (17)

Use several asparagus tips to add the finishing touches to your cupcakes. Let bake into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes and…you’re done.

File_000 (18)

You can have them hot, or you can have them cold. You can have them in the morning with your coffee. You can take them to work for a special lunching with the colleagues. You can even save them for an evening movie. Either way, these amazing asparagus cupcakes make for a savoury dish, no matter the circumstances. Bon Appetit!


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