No matter how many places you get to see in a lifetime, there will always be one more that surprises you. No matter how much beauty you have managed to uncover during your travels, there will always be more beauty left to discover. As much as it is true that no human life is restricted from wanderlust, it is evermore so true that no human life is designed to withstand the immensity of this world. However, many, including me, are constantly fighting the battles of life design, so that they ultimately get this one chance to do what they love, the window to do what they were truly destined for. My choice of a life well lived, is making the most of my spare time….somewhere new, somewhere else, somewhere I’ve never been before. Our time in Venice, the past few days…I think I might have said this before, but in a slightly different way…one day in this absolutely gorgeous place…felt more precious than a lifetime of purposeless routine doing the bare minimum to stay healthy and alive for another day’s work. We stayed with the Locanda Ca’Zose hotel, which is so well positioned, that it grants you the opportunity to be within several minutes away from all the main sights Venice has to offer: Piazza San Marco, the Port of Venice, the Grand Canal, the City Center. Although there are minor things about this hotel that didn’t really agree with me, our room was uniquely designed to offer both comfort and a gorgeous view of the canal.


78DEEED0-3DAD-4F6B-B89E-C70C88EB8164We arrived in Venice early in the morning, and maybe this was one of the reasons, I kind of felt breathless when I first caught eye of the Grande Canal. Everything was so still and quiet, as the vintage flare of everything found me gasping at every step. The bridges, the architecture, the romantic feel of it all…it is seldom that you get to experience so much beauty at one time. We had an early coffee alongside the canal, and while we did so, time started to flow again, because until that moment it felt to me like it kind of stood still. There was this rowing boat tournament going on…and that’s when the hustle and bustle started: people cheering, tourists hurdling, gondolieri singing, rowers rallying for victory. So much life in one place, it is hard to imagine from stories only. In the search for our hotel, later on, I think I might have stopped dozens of times to take pictures….everything is so beautiful, I think no photographer would find it hard to work on a stunning portfolio just by being here.





706c-ec93-490d-3aa3There was this bar in the nearby of our hotel, the Corner. We stopped there while we were waiting for the hotel to check us in. The amazing thing…you get to sit outside on the bridge while having your drink, loads of other people sitting with you, doing the same thing. After our check in, we took a reinvigorating walk on the Fondamenta, along the coastline, and the thing about this place, is that the views are simply unrivalled.5289-04ef-2e2e-6dfc




I spent my birthday, like I never imagined I would: on Venetian streets, roaming its intricately historic mazes, in search of Piazza San Marco. In doing so you somehow start to feel compassionate about Harry Potter and his struggles on Diagon Alley. However, with Venice, every corner is historically loaded with great architectural details. At times, the tight Venetian alleys open up into a piazza, which is great for mending any claustrophobic feeling some of us may get to experience. There is no piazza in Venice that is empty. They are full of life, commotion and laughter. However, there is one that supersedes them all, and that is: Piazza San Marco. I am no expert in   historical legacies, but Piazza San Marco may just be our most stately one yet. I’ve heard stories of people having cried at its sight. Exaggerations? Maybe. However, you cannot but bow at the beauty of this great architectural masterpiece.







It takes you about three days to visit all there is in Venice at an alert pace. The way we did it…we took it slow…wandering the Venetian alleys, with no particular destination in mind, except Piazza San Marco, of course, and some restaurant recommendations on TripAdvisor. By the way, the food in Venice is awesome. Heaven, of course, for us, as we pretty much live on pasta and seafood.





A few more words to end this post…I never felt lost in Venice…I never experienced any weird canal odours or rain, for that matter. And I realize now, that we were nothing but lucky to having had received the merciful gift of sunshine on our Venice trip. Moreover, I can only hope that you get to have it also, if you ever visit this city. On the other hand, maybe this was my true birthday gift this year: sunshine and happiness in Venice. And I cannot but thank the world to whomever made this possible for me.

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