My Top 10 Happy Places in Greece

Happy Place no. 10: Mylopotamos Beach, Tsagarada

Tsagarada is especially famous for its Mylopotamos Beach. It is a wide, pebbly beach, separated in two by a gorgeously sceneric rock. As soon as you arrive here, you will become immediately impressed with the architectural beauty of the rocky surroundings, as well as, the unique serenity of the sea hugging the shores. The beach is pebbly, a little difficult to manage in flip-flops, but totally worth the trouble.



Happy Place no. 9: No Name Beach in Halidiki

The thing you do, when you’re in Chalkidiki, you take out Google Maps, you zoom in on the bluest bay closest to you, and you go there. There are roads that take you on top of the mountain and than down again straight to the beach. If there is a bay, there will surely be a Greek road built to take you to that bay. If you get to stay somewhere in the vicinity of Vourvourou…you will get to experience numerous blue bays along the coast. This marvellous little one, was actually destined for campers, but it sure was a unique finding. The beach is sandy, and the shallow waters are perfect for diving after seashells.




Happy Place no. 8: Myrthos Beach, Kefalonia

Myrthos Beach in Kefalonia is one of the many marvels that you may want to experience in Greece. The unbelievable blue of it all…the bay, the sea,the skies. The beach is really pebbly, and it may seem a little bit unpredictable at first. Myrthos Beach sits at the bottom of these colossal cliffs that give you this unbelievable sensation of monumentality. The Myrthos Cave is renown, so it gets lots of visitors. If you get to see Myrthos on a windy day, the wave spectacle is unbelievable, although you certainly have to be a good swimmer to get into to the water on a wavy day. The entrance into the water is steep, and the pebbles make it a little bit rough at the exit.



Happy Place no. 7: Plaka Beach, Tsagarada

Breathless…that is the word I would use for Plaka Beach in Mouresi. There are three beaches on the coast of Mouresi that you can choose from: Papa Nero, Agios Ioannis and Plaka Beach. When you have reached the town of Agios Ioannis, go into the harbour and pass the rocks. This is where you will be left at an awe by the breathtaking length and beauty of Plaka Beach. The beach is more sandy than pebbly, and it is perfect for sunbathing. Because of it’s unbelievable length, you can’t ever feel crowded on this magnificent beach. The water is perfect in every sense of the word.




Happy Place no. 6: Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki, you’ve surely hard of. And the stories…they are all true. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is perfect when still. it is perfect when wavy. You can come here for sunbathing, or for photographing the landscapes. Either way, it has the complete package.



Happy Place no. 5: Agiofili Beach, Lefkada

There is something about the Agiofili Beach…which set everything into place. It has the shallow water, the fish, the joyful waves when it gets windy.  Overall, it has this kind of serenity to it, that urges you to stay, and think about all the beauty in this one place….maybe come back tomorrow, which, of course, you will. The beach is pebbly, and the water…well, the water is the most perfect I’ve ever seen if you’re of the kind who love snorkelling.



Happy Place no. 4: Pessada Beach, Kefalonia

With the beach of Pessada in Kefalonia, it is not about wildness and monumentality. This beach is all about the bits of scenery that make it resplendent, extravagant and lush. It is rather tricky to find this little beach, as it is a wondrous gem well hidden. And when you finally arrive here, it is so small that barely 5 couples make it crowded. But if you get the chance to have it all to yourself…well…that’s just luck’s way of saying: “Enjoy this moment, it’s all yours!” The beach is sandy, and the water is splendid for wallowing in, swimming and snorkelling.


Happy Place no. 3: Egremni, Lefkada

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world  naturally destroyed, the former Egremni Beach in Lefkada, will definitely remain in my top 3 Happy Places on this Earth. I will always remember the Egremni Beach in Lefkada, as Mother Nature’s gift of absolute splendour.



File_000 (1)


Happy Place no. 2: Orange Beach, Halkidiki

Orange Beach is something else. There is no sand here… and you will have the distinctive pleasure of laying down on these big white rocks, pleasantly overheated by the sun. It is one of the more crowded beaches in Halkidiki due to its over-bearing beauty…but it gets kind of hard to care. This is the bay you have to spend all day long gazing at. The waters are shallow and the scenery…well…the scenery kind of reminds you of a life worth living.




Happy Place no. 1: Limnionas Beach, Tsagarda.

And here we are…my no.1 Happy Place on the Greek Shores: Limnionas Beach, Tsagarda. This is the beach I’ve felt closest to paradise on. The beach opens up in a wide heavenly blue gulf, but it is, beyond the rocks to the left, that you experience actual beauty and solitude. It’s waters have the most unbelievable shades of perfect I have gotten to see in my lifetime, and it is the memories on the beach I have made, that keep me wanting to see more of Greece, every day I wake up breathing.




4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Happy Places in Greece

  1. I have been in Myrtos several times and it’s really overwhelming but only for good swimmers which I’m not, so I better stayed outside. Thanks for sharing these wonderful beaches.


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