One thing I would like to share before I get started on Prague…Don’t buy new shoes just before you embark on this trip…because you will certainly have to do some exploring. Now…Prague…is this quaint memorabilia of an era long gone but not forgotten. Prague is the epiphany of vintage in all things modern. We visited this magnificent urban delight in April, and spring had not yet set in. There was rain, there was wind, there were the cold remnants of winter still whisking the air, and with all that…Prague still remains a hale and hearty memory to me. Most unbelievable, but urban tumult and fashion in Prague do thrive no matter the cold, the rain and the snow. The uproar and agitation of the Czech capital may yet not have found an equal, because with Prague, it is maybe not just as much about the sightseeing, as it is about the nightlife and the partying. A brief glance from afar, at your arrival, may foretell of remoteness and weariness, but I must confess that I have not ever experienced a city more youthful and alive, until I got to know Prague.



When in Prague…well…do what everybody else in Prague does: gaze in awe at the bohemian architecture in the daytime, and party like an animal at night. Charles Bridge is one of the most popular sights to visit, and it somehow gets overwhelmed with crowds no matter the day, or time of the year. Charles Bridge in Prague is not just an amazing piece of architecture…it is the liaison between old and modern, the life force of the Czech capital, the proof that nature’s might is evermore so mightier, when it meets human will. There is nothing more romantic than standing on Charles Bridge. It must be every girl’s dream to stand on this bridge and imagine herself riding into Lesser town in a kingly carriage. The modern version is not so bad either: a girl…this girl…shielding herself from the cold and the rain with a borrowed umbrella from the hotel. Taken out of context, this image may seem rather ordinary and self-deprecating. But on Charles Bridge…on Charles Bridge a sturdy umbrella and some wind are just enough to get you into the right movie: “League of extraordinary Gentlemen”…uhmm…better make that “League of extraordinary Ladies”.




Leaving all matters aside, Prague can be astoundingly cold and windy in late April…When we got to visiting Prague Castle on the other side on Charles Bridge, it was certainly not good news that we had to climb this incredibly steep hill to actually get to the castle. However, I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had given up. Prague Castle in Lesser Town is too beautiful to describe in words. It is so majestic and intimidating that one cannot but humbly and quietly gaze at its dignifying monumentality. Lesser Town beyond Charles Bridges…you can portrait as this little island, where time just takes a breather and lets you thrive in wonderment. Prague Castle is surrounded by these peculiar little alleys and fascinating vintage houses that one can just gawk at with fascination.



I find it somehow funny…how…sometimes…so many words cannot seem to agree with me when it comes to describing miracles. Because, Prague is certainly some kind of miracle. It may not be everybody’s miracle…but it was mine…and without further divagation the things you should definitely do in Prague are: enjoy the amazing architecture in the daytime, roam as many streets as you can and have a blast doing so, enjoy the street food, get acquainted with as many cafes to shelter yourself from the rain, visit the Coyotes Bar – that’s definitely a must – for there may not be prettier girls, better cocktails or better food to feast yourself on, than at Coyotes Prague.





So…Prague…how can one write and ending to such a beautiful story. Prague, I wish…it were a never ending fairytale for as many people as this Earth can hold together. Prague, I wish…it were the yarn of your lifetime, as it once was for me.





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