Lately, I’ve developed this passion for detail. And it is not until recently that I have realized, that putting it all into perspective, makes you miss out on the great substance of things. For example, I had not seem to notice that posies are the most exquisite May flower one can sniff on or that there are a million or more roses that bloom in June. I also seemed to miss out on the fact that the quaint streets of my home city, are as peculiar as the canals in Venice, the inlets of the Greek shores, the vintage in Prague or the fjords in Denmark. Perspective gives you the big picture, and that is important too, but it is not seldom that beauty is missed out on, because one finds it too hard or time-consuming to focus themselves on the details. Small things, simple things, we tend to take for granted, and it is because of this exact attitude that we ignore the position of our hands when we reach out for coffee…or…the way a striped sweater is tucked into our jeans. And it can be time, or routine that take the blame for all this, but it is damn beautiful when one starts to pay attention to the little details of a life…which is nothing but unpretentious and unsophisticated…when looked at from afar. So, here’s to little things, for #whywhiteworks and #thatsdarling…for the way a striped sweater looks like when tucked into an artificial leather skirt.




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