My Top 3 Places by the Water

Place no. 3 – Prague

I find it funny…how…sometimes…so many words cannot seem to agree with me when it comes to describing miracles. Because, Prague is certainly some kind of miracle. Prague is the epiphany of vintage in all things modern. Most unbelievable, but urban tumult and fashion in Prague do thrive no matter the cold, the rain and the snow. The uproar and agitation of the Czech capital may yet not have found an equal, because with Prague, it is maybe not just as much about the sightseeing, as it is about the nightlife and the partying. A brief glance from afar, at your arrival, may foretell of remoteness and weariness, but I must confess that I have not ever experienced a city more youthful and alive, until I got to know Prague.




Place no. 2 – Barcelona

Barcelona…well…Barcelona is the city you will fall in love with at first sight…The little you get to see of Barcelona in 5 or so days, changes your entire perspective on the most captivating way you could be living your life. This ravishing city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea has it all: the scenery, the architecture, the cuisine, the restlessness of a youthful vibe that inspires you to breathe it all in and beg for more.





Place no. 1 – Venice

No matter how many places you get to see in a lifetime, there will always be one more that surprises you. No matter how much beauty you have managed to uncover during your travels, there will always be more beauty left to discover. With Venice, every corner is historically loaded with great architectural details. There is no piazza in Venice that is empty. So much life in one place, it is hard to imagine from stories only. That and the many more marvels that Venice has to offer, make Venice my no.1 place by the water.








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