In the midst of all her insecurities, a woman is above all else…a soul in wondering. A woman is always in search of something. Weather a fairy tale, or a mischief, she will always live outside her boundaries. Women are limitless. They are relentless in their search for adventure, and they will always be uncomfortable with situations that lead them into boredom. However, there is another side to women that barely scrapes the surface. We don’t wake up picture perfect every day, we grow big bottoms when we eat chaotically, we go mad when someone tells us we have something between our teeth, we walk around hurting at least once in a week. And still, there is something that keeps us going. Something that urges us to dress up in the morning, make ourselves a big cup of coffee and live like there’s no moment better for living. So what is the big secret with us women? Well…we sometimes look awful without our make up and we wear sunglasses to hide away from the world. We always worry about our hair. We worry about our figure. We worry about our nails. We worry about the wind. We worry about rain. Are we pretentious? Yes, we are. We will always crave for something we do not have. Are we beautiful? To some, yes, to others, not. Depends on who you ask. Do we buy clothes and only wear them once? Yes…we frequently do that. Are we gullible enough to think that a miracle will fundamentally change our lives? Yes. Yes we are. Someone once told me: “The perfect woman to me is she who looks as beautiful when she wakes up, as when she falls asleep next to me.” All I can say is…we women…have some pretty damn tough standards we have to live up to, and when challenged to do so…well…we may pretty much surprise ourselves as we achieve the impossible. So…cheers, ladies! And…bottoms up!










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