The “Million Dollar Baby” Dress

There are these moments…in which we dream of purity…and even though there’s nothing pure about this life we’re all living…we endlessly search for anything that can bring us back to what we once were…something that is not burdened by it all: adulthood, maturity, responsibilities, vices, sins. However, if mistakes were to be mended…I only but wish one white dress would be the amendment of them all. Because when I walked into this unpretentious outlet in search of a diversion, this dress…this dress made me forget about it all. I got it half price, for about 10 bucks…however…wearing it just makes me feel like in a scene of the “The Million Dollar Baby”. And maybe we all do not have millionaires waiting for us on our doorstep…but this dress isn’t about that. This dress is about a woman embracing the violent delight of decency…while aiming for nothing but uprising. So…Cheers, ladies! And bottoms up!















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