The Closet Business

The feeble sigh of nature going into hibernation…an autumn so brief that it barely leaves one time to witness the shedding of the leaves. And as it gets colder by the minute, there seems to be just enough breath left in us women to continue to find the means by which to look presentable no matter the weather. It may get weary at times…. this relentless labour of breeding spectacles out of sheer dust. However, there is also our inner urge to unfold ourselves…this manner of uncoiling our beautiful…We have this adamant drive to germinate our eerie fashion story, even when everything outside is but one step away from going monochrome. With autumn…there’s all this daydreaming…this overpowering stretch inward. Most of all, autumn epitomizes this brief period of transition…summer breezes to winter winds, outer spaces to interiors, light summer attire to densely woven sweaters, stylish stilettos to stretch leg high heel boots that barely leave room for passing through the hallway. I’ve always envied people of tropical and sub-tropical climates. They must have it so much easier with the whole closet business. One round of clothes for the whole year, less of a hustle to keep it fashionable throughout the seasons. On the other hand, with temperate climates it’s all about redesigning your closet: four times a year…every year…one year this trend, another year, another trend. Somehow you always get caught up into deciding on what to wear. A baggy sweater and some momma’s jeans…but wait…I can’t go like that to work…A sweater dress and high heel ankle boots…oh man…practically impossible with all the ice, the snow, the rain, the puddles, the mess. And all that summer attire…just crammed up into the back of the wardrobe, nothing to make use of out of that, for well…over six months from now. The closet business…it requires many of us temperate weathered women to get creative. So how about this idea…Get the baggy sweater that you exclusively bought for the weekends and throw it over the sheer summer dress that takes up that extra space in your wardrobe during the winter. Some low ankle boots and leggings to go with all that, and you get this killer combination that makes for both a good fashion statement and an outrageous proclamation of modern dress ups minus the labels. Cheers, ladies! And bottoms up! To crammed up closets and over stacked hallways that make us go mad every change of season!
















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