Thermenland Bad Blumau: The Dazzling Story Behind the Truth

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” – Walt Disney

Stammhaus (Main House): Rogner Bad Blumau
Burgau, Styria
Cross Wooden Bridge: Rogner Bad Blumau

I am a really big fan of storytellers. Why so? Well…because I have always found people with a story very interesting. Genuine storytellers, though…you may not think it…but they are hard to track down. It is indeed the rarest of things to actually meet a storyteller nowadays. We all think we are one, until we meet the real deal…the one true storyteller for every billion people…the one who has the gift…the “Uplifter”. This man, whomever he may be, has a certain kind of magic about him…a grain of sparkle, a wording never used by common people. This storyteller: he sometimes writes, he sometimes addresses the crowds, he always inspires.  And somehow…I think I might have tracked one down, a storyteller of past times.

Robert Rogner: The Founder of Rogner Bad Blumau

“The true values are in the head and tourism creates joy through experience.” – Robert Rogner

Thermenland Bad Blumau Resort

The founder of Thermenland Blumau, Robert Rogner, is believed to be the most important figure of the Austrian tourism industry. The son of a bricklayer, Rober Rogner is not exactly your customary storyteller material. Rober Rogner was a builder. He did not write, he did not address the crowds. But this was a man who must have had the most interesting mind. I have not met him, I will not ever…but I have visited this place…Rogner Bad Blumau…and there’s a story to this man all right, a story better told by the fantasy land he shaped rather than the biographies written on his behalf.

Exterior Pool
Rogner Bad Blumau: Interior Pool
Exterior Pool

Rogner Bad Blumau: The Resort

“For me water is a kind of refuge, a shelter I can always escape to.” – Friedensreich Hundertwasser

This architectural sensation was build by Robert Rogner, based on the vision of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. A painter, an ecologist and later a building designer,  Friedensreich Hundertwasser was the inspiration behind Rogner’s story. Hundertwasser’s philosophy led to the creation of an architectural oddity that is strangely beautiful and charming.

We had a 4 nights’ stay with the Rogner Bad Blumau hotel. This included:

  • Half-board with longsleeper breakfast
  • Free entrance to the pool-, spa- and sauna-areas
  • Natural brine containing Vulkania spa lake
  • Competition pool according to FINA standards
  • Wide range of sporting activities
  • Bag filled with bath-towels and bath-robe
  • Parking garage
Steam over Exterior Wave Pool: Morning Sun
Buffet Breakfast: Rogner Bad Blumau

The hotel has no less than 11 different indoor and outdoor pools, including hot tubs and a wave pool…sooo…we practically spent all our time in the water. The resort is especially known for its Vulkania healing lake. Out of all the pools, this has to be your favorite! The water is warmest in the Vulkania lake, and it is soft and smooth like silk. Throughout the evening until 23:00 PM it oozes this romantic feel…fire by the pool, steam rising up, dim lights covering you up in shimmery shades of blue. One can spend an eternity counting the stars here…even on the coldest of winter nights.

Peculiarities: Interesting Facts

1. Straight lines

There is practically no straight line in the whole establishment. This is because Friedensreich Hundertwasser believed that straight lines break the innate relationship between man and nature. The whole architectural design is uneven, including the floors.

Steinhaus (Stone House): Rogner Bad Blumau

2. Columns

Out of 330 columns supporting the buildings, no two are alike. Each column is believed to have its own character and identity, just like trees within a forest.

Columns: Rogner Bad Blumau

3. Windows

There are no less than 2400 windows adorning the buildings of Rogner Bad Blumau, and no two are the same.

Augenschlitzhauser (Slit-eye houses): Rogner Bad Blumau

4. Grass rooftops

The establishment is embedded into the natural scenery. When on a stroll around the hotel’s premises, you can either be stepping on real ground or the rooftop of a building.

Grass Rooftops -Rogner Bad Blumau


5. Trees of love

If you follow the track beyond the Wooden Bridge over the Lafnitz river, and cross over to the river meadows, you will find more than 300 wedlock trees widely spread onto the plains. And you may find it as amazing as I did…the fact that there are places in this world where people plant trees to grow their own orchard of dreams.

Wedlock Trees: Rogner Bad Blumau
A la Steak Carte Restaurant Deck: Rogner Bad Blumau
Lafnitz River Meadows
“Orchard of Dreams”: Rogner Bad Blumau

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.” – Mo Willems

Why Thermenland Rogner Bad Blumau?

This is the perfect destination for water lovers during the winter time. You can bathe outside all day long without feeling the least bit cold. Moreover, we love a place that can bring us closer to nature. The concept is absolutely mind-blowing. Buildings rising up from the ground like colorful grass sprouts during the spring. Everything is well thought of and exquisitely designed: the uneven floors, the uniquely peculiar windows, the wooden interiors of the rooms, the tiles patching up the steam rooms, the saunas and the pools, the joint hallways that take you just about anywhere you need to go within the resort. One other reason why one should definitely visit this place is because of the highly imaginative world that it steers you into. There is this ritual that you can practice at your arrival in the reception. You daintily wash your hands, so as to consciously leave behind all the sorrows and anguish that used to weigh you down, right up until the particular moment in which you decide to step foot into this winter wonderland. So why Thermenland Rogner Bad Blumau? Because it simply purifies you: body and soul.


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