Mauve at the Dancing Ball

Somebody said this to me recently: “People not knowing how to dance…that’s the death of romance right there.” And it is kind of true…people do not dance like they used to anymore. Inevitably this makes me wonder … is this because us, ladies, have forgotten how to get ourselves invited, or because men have convinced themselves of the futility of such rituals. However it saddens me altogether that, love or no love in between, men and women…women and men…would rather sit on a bench, than come together in a pirouette. We have our modern clubs…that’s fair…but I can’t even remember when clubbing was last about a dance. I can see people flocking over the booze and the cigarettes, I can hear the “boom booms” and the mindless chit chats all around me…but there is no two people dancing. Maybe some frenzied hurdling and some weird modelling on imaginary runways…but there’s no two people dancing. And by dancing I do not mean the frantic jumping, the head swooshes and the off beat twerks. I mean the sways, the spins, the twirls…the movements of symbolic and aesthetic value. And, well, because this is the party season right here…the perverted 21st Century Balls and the dismal celebration of yet another depleted twelve month session of petty living…I thought of sharing a dance with you….Nobody did me an impressive dance in a while now…And yes…I do want to blame it on the latest Playstation, mind you! Because…well..let us admit it right here, ladies…we’re rarely seeing men who coordinate their feet in a dance nowadays…but there are finger combinations on a Playstation console that make dancing seem like child’s play. I mean, R1, R2, X, square, circle, triangle, L1, L2 and the Options Button?…That’s a lot to handle right there…so better just forget about “independence and intimacy in balance”. Whoever said dancing is “the narration of a magical story”, must have been either really old or incredibly lonely.



“Dancing, at its best, is independence and intimacy in balance.”― Donna Goddard


“Dance as the narration of a magical story; that recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.” ― Shah Asad Rizvi



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