Tortellini Rose in 4 Easy Steps

So I have this big pink plate that I bought in the supermarket a couple of years ago. At the time I bought it I thought that it would be amazingly cute to own a pink plate in my cupboard. As it turns out, pink plates are not at all agreeable to eat on. Since I bought it, I think I used it no more than once. Soooo….it’s been practically sitting in my cupboard the whole time. And since I haven not written a food post in a long time, I thought I would easily make up for that by taking my pink plate out, for the following recipe.

I.  Bring out the pasta

By now, you already know that I am a huge pasta fan. And for this recipe, I will use my favorite kind of pasta: cheese tortellini. So tortellini come with a variety of fillings including ham, spinach, pumpkin, wild mushrooms and herbs. You can use whichever you like, but I would personally recommend the cheese tortellini.


II. Chop up the ham and the mushrooms

Besides tortellini, you need ham and mushrooms – pretty easy ingredients to come by. Mushroom wise I like to use button mushrooms, which are the most common type you will find in the supermarket. My better half, however, almost always convinces me to use cremini instead. Unlike button mushrooms, these baby portobellos are slightly bigger in size while basking in a light shade of brown. It is believed that in comparison to button mushrooms they add a deeper flavor to any recipe. I, on the other hand, believe that they are a little too meaty for my taste…but…you know how it goes: ” de gustibus non est disputandum”.



III. Mix up the sauce

Like the name of the recipe goes, “Tortellini Rose” will have a rose sauce. This is achieved easily by whisking up a combination of light cream and tomato sauce (I personally prefer Heinz Tomato Sauce). Add a pinch of salt, pepper, and basil, and you are all ready to go.


IV. Get everything oven ready

So…we have taken out the tortellini. Now, the next step is to boil them, and you will probably need no more than 10 minutes for that. In the meantime you would have already chopped up the ham and mushrooms and added them to a wok to fry. In a bowl mix together the light cream and the tomato sauce, while adding salt, pepper and basil. As soon as everything is ready, you can start layering. In an oven dish of your preference, add one layer of tortellini, one layer of the ham and mushroom mix, and one layer of that rose souce you managed to put together. Add a final layer of mozarrella on top and get everything into the oven to cook for about 30 minutes.


Once taken out of the oven be ready to treat yourself to these creamy, delicious tortellini rose. Having that they are so easy to prepare, I am pretty sure you will turn to this recipe more than once. Cheers, guys! And…Bon Appetit!



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