The Damsel and the Mini Skirt

I wouldn’t bet my life on it…but there is an urge in every woman, well after she passes the age of 17, to get into that crazy youngster mood and try on a mini-skirt just one more time before she entirely gives up on it. Did I accidentally say…one more time? I think I’d better make that two times…or three…or indefinitely. Because, in fact, there is no actual point in time that a woman decides her legs are no longer lean enough for the good old mini-skirt. However, add a boyfriend to the whole picture and…well…the mini-skirt…that’s just domestic violence right there. Quickly enough the mini-skirt becomes the controversial issue of a woman exercising her freedom while the man obviously means “housewife” and “children”. Women empowerment and all…it is the 21st Century and there is still considerable debate around a woman’s mini-skirt. Add some bare legs and a couple of high heels to that and it’s a damn family feud at home. Couple’s therapy, divorces and all…no woman is ever lucky enough to not compromise on her mini-skirt. It is defeat right there…the “damsel” that becomes a “lady” soon enough after the age of 20. But then they invented oversized sweaters and high leg boots. And while they have not put an end to pre-nuptials, the never-ending battle of sexes, the discrimination and the stereotypical thinking, they do give “ladies” an upper hand. Because, in the end, it is not about the mini-skirt, the lean legs and not even about female empowerment. It is about a “lady’s” desire to feel sexy once in a seemingly endless while…a “lady’s” need to actually be the “damsel” instead of the “nun”. So…Cheers, ladies! And bottoms up!







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