Spring Pasta: Frozen and Fresh Makes Delicious

Frozen food…I have always found it kind of endeering…the hustle free option of feeding yourself effortless. They do it all for you…the large producers…the mega-supply chains, the food packaging moguls. So why would you actually go through all the trouble of cooking everything up from zero…when you can opt for the easy way out….the oven tantiziling option of semi-prepared meals? And as I am writing this post, I have ” Julia and Julie” on my TV in the background…And when it comes to food…that’s one heck of a movie that can take your mind of the frozen food and make you actually start cooking. Because when you come to think of it….there might not even be anything wrong with frozen food…except for the fact that it takes away all the fun of socializing in the kitchen. And by socializing I do not mean having a great conversation with rice and vegetables…but getting into a really good relationship with yourself and whoever else wants to be by your side in this delightful and enticing act of creation. And I am actually being very sincere about this…if you can ever find a man that understands the modern kitchen…you are half way through never having to deal with a damn boring co-habitation. Because there is truth in getting through to Boef Bourguignon as a couple, as much as there is truth in working together through the most ugly things in life. So getting back to my Spring pasta…I am not entirely proud to admit that it involves some frozen peas…but, at the end of the day…I am not entirely proud of a whole lot more that has to do with me…so what the heck…let us get on with it.

I. Poach the salmon


II. Bring your pasta to a boil and, meanwhile, do the same thing for the frozen peas


III. Layer everything out in an oven resistant bowl


IV. Add a whole lot of light cream and some gorgonzola cheese



V. Thrust the dish into the oven and cook for an additional 30 minutes and….Voila!


Frozen and fresh for the most amazing dish. Easy peasy…wouldn’t you agree? Cheers guys, and don’t forget…It all goes so much better with a huge glass of Chardonnay.


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