Spring Pasta: Frozen and Fresh Makes Delicious

Frozen food…I have always found it kind of endeering…the hustle free option of feeding yourself effortless. They do it all for you…the large producers…the mega-supply chains, the food packaging moguls. So why would you actually go through all the trouble of cooking everything up from zero…when you can opt for the easy way out….the oven … More Spring Pasta: Frozen and Fresh Makes Delicious

Asparagus Cupcakes

Spring is the season that inspires. It has this unique ability to revive all that has hibernated during winter: senses, mind, spirit. Nutrition wise, spring is the season for asparagus. And for us, this usually means, enjoyable asparagus meals three times a day: buttered asparagus with poached eggs in the morning, asparagus side-dish at lunch … More Asparagus Cupcakes

Sour Cherry Pie

I am not particularly a fan of cooking sweet stuff, but this pie is the easiest to crop up and it is the most delicious thing ever, once its done. I always like to enjoy any piece of pie with a hot cup of coffee and a good book, so why not have them ready … More Sour Cherry Pie

Tasty Mushroom Cups

So, I’ve prepared for you this super easy recipe that you just have to try out. It involves a handful of champignions and a little bit of what I like to call “culinary design”. These lovely champignions…I have peeled and washed. After having done this, the thing you have to do, is stuff them. And … More Tasty Mushroom Cups

Veggie Maccheroni

I kinda have this pre-conception about pasta. In my mind, there is a recipe that goes with every type of pasta. You can’t have pasta carbonara without the spaghetti, and you certainly cannot have it with tortellini or rigatoni. The reason I’m telling you this is that I bought this box of Maccheroni and I … More Veggie Maccheroni

Tuna Penne Rigate

So…we’re back to work again, and I was thinking about a recipe to go with my feelings on that.  This super easy tuna – pasta mix is perfect for cropping up something delicious in almost no time at all. The ingredients you need are pretty effortless to get a hold on: penne rigate, one onion, … More Tuna Penne Rigate