Leftovers In Clothes

The mystery that we are…most often not to others, but many a time to our own selves. It takes the weirdest, most unexpected situations to truly shape and define us…and it is not uncommon for such situations to arrive in our lives fashionably late. Ohhh…the things I would have done differently…the mindlessness I would have … More Leftovers In Clothes

The Closet Business

The feeble sigh of nature going into hibernation…an autumn so brief that it barely leaves one time to witness the shedding of the leaves. And as it gets colder by the minute, there seems to be just enough breath left in us women to continue to find the means by which to look presentable no … More The Closet Business

The “Million Dollar Baby” Dress

There are these moments…in which we dream of purity…and even though there’s nothing pure about this life we’re all living…we endlessly search for anything that can bring us back to what we once were…something that is not burdened by it all: adulthood, maturity, responsibilities, vices, sins. However, if mistakes were to be mended…I only but … More The “Million Dollar Baby” Dress


In the midst of all her insecurities, a woman is above all else…a soul in wondering. A woman is always in search of something. Weather a fairy tale, or a mischief, she will always live outside her boundaries. Women are limitless. They are relentless in their search for adventure, and they will always be uncomfortable … More Self-Confidence


Lately, I’ve developed this passion for detail. And it is not until recently that I have realized, that putting it all into perspective, makes you miss out on the great substance of things. For example, I had not seem to notice that posies are the most exquisite May flower one can sniff on or that … More Stripes


The thing about simplicity…it is something you grow into. Simple things often take the most soul searching. Simple things one has to dig deep into. Because, simple things don’t just lay around the corner…they are most well hidden. And it is not seldom that I have squandered myself on things obvious, matters so empty of … More Serenity


You sometimes get these summers, which barely leave room for sunshine amidst all the rain. It does not happen often, just once in a few years, but they still leave a mark on you…these rainy kind of summers. Because, with summer, it’s entirely different than winter. You’re not counting down the days until it ends, … More Blue


Until today, I hadn’t realised that in the midst of things, I had forgotten all about myself. And my belief is, that when you sink your true self into oblivion, you loose sight of the direction you set out for yourself from the beginning. You somehow forget that all that’s important starts with no one … More Yourself