The Closet Business

The feeble sigh of nature going into hibernation…an autumn so brief that it barely leaves one time to witness the shedding of the leaves. And as it gets colder by the minute, there seems to be just enough breath left in us women to continue to find the means by which to look presentable no … More The Closet Business


We often get tricked into seeing the world split up: continents, oceans, seas, countries, cities, cultures, nationalities, citizenship. We are often told that there are so many of us that the world is just not sufficient enough. So, the thing we do…is stick to our roots. We ground ourselves to home, because we are deceived … More Malta

Germany, My Love

The measure of all things is…time. And we may not admit it when we are young, but it’s there…the feeble whisper of a future extraordinary, or otherwise mediocre, that stands postponed until we somehow become aware of it…time. You might have already experienced it, you may have chosen to ignore it…but it somehow weighs you … More Germany, My Love

The “Million Dollar Baby” Dress

There are these moments…in which we dream of purity…and even though there’s nothing pure about this life we’re all living…we endlessly search for anything that can bring us back to what we once were…something that is not burdened by it all: adulthood, maturity, responsibilities, vices, sins. However, if mistakes were to be mended…I only but … More The “Million Dollar Baby” Dress

Amnas, Sibiu

It may be that in our inexplicable ways of trying to escape all that we know, we often forget about the beauty of our home. It may be that in our struggle to get a grasp on as much as possible of the outside world, we sometimes take for granted the places that made us … More Amnas, Sibiu


In the midst of all her insecurities, a woman is above all else…a soul in wondering. A woman is always in search of something. Weather a fairy tale, or a mischief, she will always live outside her boundaries. Women are limitless. They are relentless in their search for adventure, and they will always be uncomfortable … More Self-Confidence


Lately, I’ve developed this passion for detail. And it is not until recently that I have realized, that putting it all into perspective, makes you miss out on the great substance of things. For example, I had not seem to notice that posies are the most exquisite May flower one can sniff on or that … More Stripes


One thing I would like to share before I get started on Prague…Don’t buy new shoes just before you embark on this trip…because you will certainly have to do some exploring. Now…Prague…is this quaint memorabilia of an era long gone but not forgotten. Prague is the epiphany of vintage in all things modern. We visited … More Prague